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Dr. Quack's Antidotes

Woman Owned Local Business


We take care about small details and believe that each daily action can make an impact.

At Dr. Quack's, we believe that sustainable living practices should extend to every aspect of our lives, including personal hygiene. Our eco-friendly products are made from all-natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin while being highly effective in keeping you clean.

Not only are they perfect for environmentally conscious individuals, but they also last longer than market based alternatives.

We promote sustainable living habits and maintaining personal hygiene with our eco-friendly skincare products

Our Story

Our Journey

My name is Pallavi Gupta and I have my grandmother to thank for my passion. Throughout my childhood, my grandmother regularly bathed and scrubbed me with edible goods from our kitchen. My grandmother made it a point to not let my mother use any market products - rightly believing that those are made with harmful chemicals, which may have an attractive aroma but will only cause long lasting side effects. 

Dadi herself used only ubtans and batanas, and she shone like the sun! My fondest memory of her from my childhood is of her mixing malai and aatta in a steel katori everyday before her bath, and she’d let me rub it on her neck sitting on the bathroom sink :)

During my teenage years, and now even in my thirties, I receive the most gorgeous compliments for my skin texture and the youth that radiates due to minimal exposure to industry based bath and body products. I too absolutely believe that what cannot be put inside your body should not be put on the skin as well.

When the world came to a standstill during the pandemic, many of us found our footing in our passions. 


After losing my Dadi to Covid, broken and humbled, confined to the boundaries of my home, a sudden epiphany struck… and through her recipes, I resolved to honour her memories eternally. 

From a very young age I had a knack for prepping these mixtures, I would prepare jars and gift them to friends and family on special occasions. Talking to my close friends came as a revelation. It gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of making these available to a wider set of people! Especially, those who are passionate about pursuing a greener, all-natural lifestyle.


I completed a course in Herbal Cosmetology from the reputed National Institute of Cosmetics of India to gain expertise and credibility, which led me to deriving my own special blends. 

My college nickname Quack (because, to my friends I looked and talked like a duck) and my love for wordplay, led me to call my brand Dr. Quack’s Antidotes. Quirky, isn’t it?! From the corner of a small table at an artisanal market, I sold my first product, and well as they, the rest is HISTORY!


Tassyam - Our Sister Concern

Tassyam is the world's first unconventional and amalgamated gourmet food & beverage brand with a focus on providing a holistic experience to the consumer. Inspired by the Sanskrit word “तस्स्य” (Tassya), which means “for you”, Tassyam has been created for you, keeping your needs and preferences in mind. The prices of the products as well as the quality, everything that is done as part of Tassyam, is done for you, the consumer.

NotreStudio is our collective canvas of Ayush, Tanya & Pallavi, showcasing the essence of our family's heritage and creativity. Explore our diverse ventures, each telling a story of tradition, innovation, and the shared passion of our family.

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